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So I altered the Owen and Fern sims I made to be more “accurate”…

… aaannnddd I don’t like them. XD Well, Fern’s changes are pretty negligible; the old is on the left, new is on the right, and overall not a big difference. She’s still EA pudding—that will never change. XD

But the more-accurate Owen sim (on the bottom-left) is just so… generic looking, which I never felt like TS3 Owen was (outside of his hair, anyways), and bah, I just don’t like it.

So yeah, it may lean more towards the more exaggerated and perhaps less accurate, but I think I’m gonna keep the first version of Owen. He just looks more… squeezable. D: (And he spends a lot of time in the sun so he deserves a tan!) In the end, I’d rather keep the spirit of the sims’ appearance rather than the exact specifications. Because I can. Nyeeeh.

Anyways, that is my blather for the evening to absolutely no one because why am I still awake pancakes sprinkles dorp Zzzzz….


two sides storybrook.


Effie traded out red for mint green~


Winnona Parker


Cotton candy

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